Friday, September 5, 2014

To Find Magic::

I need to find some magic.

I've been getting this feeling a lot lately, it ever increasing with the days. I'm fine when I'm writing or reading or gaming, but when I stop, when my mind has a moment to settle down. That's when I feel it. When it wakes me up earlier than normal and won't let me sleep. When I go through my blog roll and realize I have nothing soulful to read. When I write and just can't make the words turn to gold in the way I want.

I need to find some magic.

It makes me clutch my crystals close to chest, hoping that what they say about them is actually true in spite of my doubts. It makes me wish the days went faster so I can remember to make moon water this time. It makes me listen to Zephyr Memories on repeat, because that beautiful track can transport me like nothing else in this world. Or perhaps, it makes me put on Flight of Angels, so I can breathe again, enveloped by the music.

I need to find some magic.

But sometimes, I fear...

That it does not exist.

~ Zephyr

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