Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Forgotten Language - The Writer's Curse

Did I arrange that title right?
Maybe it’s better the other way
How long will sit here, staring
Rearranging the words on a screen
The letters on a page
That no one looks at twice

I wake up in the night
That dream
That dream
Remember, remember
The phone, the pencil
Find it quickly or it will vanish
The words like magic
Like pixie dust on your window sill

And there’s never enough time
To write it out
Sound it out
Think it out
You can never get it out fast enough
Or you decide to keep it in

So many stories
Trapped inside of me
In my head
And I can’t write them fast enough

I can feel them
I can see them
I can hear them
My creations
My words
My souls
Begging to be out
Clawing the insides of my eyes
I can feel my skull beginning to crack
From the pressure of those souls
Who just want to be free,

Like me

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